Bend and Snap: The Red Pill Woman Trap

Apparently being a “red pill woman” is the latest, coolest thing since feminism. Feminism is obsolete and “red pill woman” is where its at. You ain’t nobody until you can put “R.P.W.” after your name. Its the new professional credential to signal to men, “hey, I’m one of the cool girls, I get it. Look at me!” Remember feminism will always try to repackage and reinvent itself. Women will even tell cute jokes that match manosphere memes  so they can appear to not be feminists. Women are master chameleons and they will don whatever color or mask they need to achieve their ends and the latest ends is to obtain a coveted alpha male, the highest prize of feminine success.  You don’t get an alpha male by being a feminist, at least not trademarked feminism, so what they do is piggy back onto the manosphere red pill craze to get followers while employing age old feminine mystique tactics of feminine wiles and moral dominance.   Women also have great instincts to “herd up” and form groups and it is still my belief that anywhere large amounts of women congregate feminism is more likely to fester and grow exponentially.

In general, there seems to be a wide and very different usage of “red pill” across the manosphere. I’ve always used red pill very generally as an analogy to describe the deprogramming process that takes place once you realize all of the world’s lies. Given we live in a pictorial world, a movie analogy is useful, but the analogy stops there. You take the red pill, even daily, but the pill does not define you.  Athol Kay’s red pill usage is quite different than mine and it seems most of the RPW come from his camps of thinking, which is largely secular.

There has been site after site after site popping up left and right from women who claimed to have gone “red pill”. From a spin off of Return of Kings, we get Return of Queens, because, you know, queens just can’t sit back and go unnoticed. There is even one RPW peddling red pill erotica. Where are they all coming from and why now?  Its like a swarm of locusts. Seriously, can this many women all of a sudden just “get it”? Or perhaps, redpillsetsmefree is right and women have always “got it” and now they just feel the waters are warm enough to come out of hiding. Feminism is a dirty word, “red pill” is fresh, untainted, and already has a plethora of men attached to it, ripe for seducing.

I’ve been fascinated with the RPW for several months and have had no idea where to start in unmasking some of their antics, so I am just going dive right in where I found this on the RPW Reddit, the starting point for all things RPW.

On advice on how to be appear sweet, submissive and get laid like a dirty whore:

Don’t: Air your dirty laundry in public… and don’t tolerate others airing it for you. This seems to be a difficult thing for many women to grasp, because it’s not just about what you post on Facebook or what you say to your mother. I’m not entirely sure why, but when groups of wives/girlfriends get together, the tide of conversation almost always drifts to the husbands/boyfriends. And the conversation inevitably turns ugly. When your friends start bashing their men, at the least, refuse to participate. If you are taunted for your refusal, set the battleaxes straight. Your man is your Captain and you will not be guilty of disloyalty or sedition. If this is too difficult for you, then follow Thumper’s father’s rule: if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.

It seems obvious to not air your dirty laundry and it is the one point I totally agree with. It is for that reason I do not discuss my personal life, the good or the bad.  Its just a safe bet all around to keep your personal life out of blogs, facebook, and twitter to not give the enemy fodder. The enemy has enough of a strong footing as it is and we do not need to make it easier.

This is where things turn outrageously bad:

Bonus points: Make your girlfriends jealous. Brag about him. Before the conversation gets nasty, get dirty. You don’t have to go into torrid details, but you can tell them about how hot he looked swinging the hammer while he was hanging the cabinets in the kitchen… and how when he got done the two of you played “carpenter”. You got hammered and he nailed you. If you get as flushed as I just did typing that, you’ll make the ladies blush. The next time they see your man, it will show on their faces, and then he’ll know you were talking about him, if you know what I mean.

See, is it any wonder women hate each other? For the sake of a “good lay” women will advise other women to invoke envy and jealously amongst each other. I’ve been told that its not “bragging” women do, but “praising” and this may just be Christianese to make what they do seem more noble.  The sisterhood is not about strong bonds and looking after each other, its about having bodies to play each other other against. Girlfriends are pawns in the larger scheme of getting, keeping, and showing off an alpha male.  Of course the irony is if you use your girlfriend in such a way, get her all tingly for your alpha man, then you might just find your alpha man with the now jealous girlfriend.  But that doesn’t really matter does it, the girlfriend may be just his mistress, but she will ever be the ruling Queen.

Bonus points: Game him. Feign weakness and be obvious about it. Get silly with it. Giggle. Blush. Ask him to open the pickle jar and pout out your bottom lip while you ask, because you’re just a weak little girl. Grip his biceps and tell him how strong and powerful he is. Rub his chest in wonder and awe. When the jar pops open, let out a faint “oh, my!” Now would be a good point to drop something on the floor in front of him so you can pick it up and wiggle your tushie for him.

This is textbook feminine wiles and moral dominance. A total “Bend and Snap”. The cool word now is “girl game” to disguise what has always been the trick of women throughout history.  This again all gives credence to the theory that women have always been red pill.  If women are going to employ these tactics, I don’t want to hear any talk about how male gaming is then bad and immoral.


  1. “Oh another thought concerning my “calling out” Velvet. If I do so, it would be private.”

    Of course that is why I said “behind the scenes”, but that won’t stop me from thinking your refusal to say anything slightly critical here in public is a blanket endorsement for her behavior here. The use of “if” just tells me that it really isn’t a clear case to you.

  2. Cowardice asks the question – is it safe?
    Expediency asks the question – is it politic?
    Vanity asks the question – is it popular?
    But conscience asks the question – is it right?
    And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right.
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  3. “A while back I wrote a post titled,<a href="Let's NOT Talk About Sex…for a Change" There was more than a few things in that post that I called out that she had done at one point or another on one of her blogs, although the post was not specifically about her at all. It was trend I noted many Christian women falling into online.

    Her response was not offense and outrage but rather, “You’re right. I should be more careful going forward. I respected that. It says something positive about a person who can do that."

    Unless your post was very recent, I don’t see a change. There was a recent post with a link on how to give proper blowjobs and discussion of rape fantasies, not to mention the endless chatter on magical semen.
    This is what I meant to look for consistency. Anyone can say, “I know, that was wrong, won’t do it again”, but look for actions.

  4. Elspeth,

    It’s funny how all this vim and vigor was eerily silent when people like Sarah’s Daughter started with the profanity and the personal insults. Pleading the Fifth and claiming ignorance seems to be rather convenient. When someone attacks your arguments you seem to think that your detractors are specifically attacking you as a Christian instead of the faulty and flawed arguments that you make. Suffice to say that the call for unity in the church doesn’t necessitate agreeing with you nor always handling your arguments with a delicate white glove treatment.

    “How sad it is that a person with a genuine heart for living out Scripture when relating to fellow professed believers is mocked and ridiculed for it!”

    Ha! You mean like being called a POS and that person wishing for my immediate demise? Try witnessing and spreading the Gospel in hostile regions of the world like North Korea and then come talk to me about being ridiculed and persecuted for your beliefs. By the way, a good deal of that persecution is from fellow “Christians” here in the States who seem to think that we are stirring ant hills over there in N. Korea. Before I stopped commenting on Dalrock and SSM’s most of the chaps on there ridiculed the idea of men taking a route of solitude for the cause of Christ saying that it was ridiculous and impractical. Living for Christ in this world is impractical, but it’s the only way to Life. Just because a few people online seem to take precedence and discord with some of your faulty arguments, you get your ego easily bruised and feel like we’re all attacking you. I’m attacking your weak and dangerously ignorant comments rather than your character. The only time I have come close to doing the second is when you doled out advice to men when you shouldn’t have and had no authority nor expertise to do so. Suffice to say that all this in-fighting and catty non-sense is a true reflection of what most Christian men have to look forward to in “holy matrimony” (it is FAR from anything close to holy matrimony nowadays).

    No one said anything about a cushy lifestyle of a wife not being argumentative against the husband. But for those of us who have been abiding in Scripture even in our tender young years and didn’t err like so many in the world, we are seen as not having the backbone for authority. Seems like unless a leader has lived the life of the most rank and file of his followers (read that as living a life of sin), he is not fit for command. RPW are nothing more than just another subtle way of changing men to fit your ever changing desires.

  5. No sir, Mr. Viceroy. Your comments toward me here on this thread are not based on anything that has taken place here on this thread.

    Show me one comment level at me here that is about my ideas, arguments or writings. One is all I ask. It was all about my tone, lack of edge, lack of principle (I’m still floored by that one), or the fact that I don’t dislike the right people.

    I don’t expect white kid glove treatment. All I ask is that is attacks be leveled on the basis of my arguments, not on the fact that I am not sufficiently angry as determine by…who, exactly?

    Thank you Laura for your indulgence. I am done now.

  6. “Finally, isn’t ROK, who you appear to be defending against the admittedly presumptuous ROQ, headed up by Roosh V, who makes Dannyfrom504 (illicit virtual cohort of SSM, as I understand your position) look like an altar boy?”

    When I am listed on some man’s blogroll under “the blog’s hos”, such as SSM is at danny504, I will consider this more.
    And if Roosh is heading up RoK, what lovely counterpart is heading up RoQ.

    This isn’t meant to be answered, but thought upon. The rest of the comments for this thread will be moderated, but no worries I plan to stick hard on the RPW so you will all have plenty of opportunities to show yourself off as the lovely ladies you are.

  7. When I am listed on some man’s blogroll under “the blog’s hos” ..

    To be fair, it’s “The Blog Ho’s”. I don’t think he’s saying that they’re ho’s belonging to his blog, but rather that they’re ho’s with blogs. It is, of course, unclear, given the non-standard use of the apostrophe, and the unclear meaning of the adjectival form of “blog” in this context.

    Exactly how important that distinction is is left as an exercise for the reader. I come only to share knowledge.

  8. Talk about a technicality. Still calls her a ho either way you slice it and she obviously has no problem with it since she fraternizes with him on Twitter and copmments on his blog.

  9. This was a fantastic post. I had no idea that this RPW thing has been in the mix for some time, but I had been feeling that something was up. In many of my daily interactions with females lately, they seem to be more “toned down” on the “girl power” meme, a little more cooperative, and not so unbearable to be around. I wouldn’t go so far as saying they have been pleasant, but at least bearable. But I sensed a rouse… I know what it is……..

    Further hard evidence as to why I just steer completely away from females in general when possible these days, with the exception of my daughter, whom I am proudly and aggressively indoctrinating to be perhaps the world’s first, true RPW (it will be a few years, she turns 12 in March). It is coming along very nicely. She is the only female, and I say this with absolute sincerity, that I know, whose company I truly enjoy. Don’t take offense ladies, I know there are others that are enjoyable to be around, but I don’t get out much (on purpose) and they are in very short supply. And in the end, I am very content with my little girl. She’s enough.

    Us guys really ain’t that hard to please.

  10. “…they seem to be more “toned down” on the “girl power” meme,…”

    Yes, downplaying because its just not working for them anymore. They are realizing they want a man that takes leadership, but because of feminism a lot of good men are going their own way and just not marrying. Frankly, I think women have been observing the manosphere and having a bit of a freaked out, “coming to terms” moment, so they are scrambling and trying to save face, realizing more and more men are saying no to marriage. So, women have to find ways to backpedal to salvage what they so carelessly threw away. And most likely it will work. I don’t doubt it will get men, but then the test comes as to whether her submission sticks after she has her prize.

    In the five years I have been blogging there has been a dramatic shift. And like I said before I truly believe that some women are getting it, key word being “some”. Authentic submission though is not a role, a trick, a wile–I believe authentic submission comes from a heart that is focused on God. And that is rare. So, rare it is worth far more than rubies. The RPW reddit where most of these women generate from is secular and not God based, and this is why fundamentally they can’t be authentic (that is if you have the same view I do that authentic submission comes from God).

    I applaud you for raising your daughter to see certain truths. I wouldn’t say “first, true RPW” though, but rather that she may be one of the few whose worth is far more than rubies.

  11. I put this same comment on the Matt post–

    Yeah, what I thought, thanks gals. Dana said some good things.

    My stance is against trickery and all the crazy sex talk, like Matt’s piece pointed out. I am all about women improving themselves. That is what unmasking feminism is about. Women don’t have a chance in hell of improving themselves if that feminist mask and lens is still on.

    It is clear few of you have ever duked it out in the manosphere since you are so shocked at the notion of being criticized. I think if you called your group anything but “red pill”, I wouldn’t care as much. Do tell me how it is vile to disagree with someone/something? The feminists once said I was “full of bile” so maybe now I am “full of bile and vile”, tee hee, and I said that with a smile, but not a wile! See my humor sucks, that is why I don’t do it.
    I am all open for debate here.

  12. There is very little I can say here without reverting to the crude language which I abhor; and I cannot continously type “HA!” five hundred and eight times, for although this laughable drivel deserves it I feel it would be in poor taste. So, I shall say this:

    We get it, Unmasking Feminism. You’re scared of stong women. We frighten you. When a courteous lady holds the door open for you, it’s like a nightmare made manifest. You milquetoast. Ian Ironwood has the kind of passion that only a schizophrenic can possess; Chateau Heartiste is a psychopath, the spiritual heir of Ted Bundy; and you are the limpid, week-old head of lettuce stuck to the bottom of their refrigerator. You are most probably a very unlikeable person, and I salute the women who returned from dates with you with their minds intact. Goodbye now, Unmasking Feminism. I always wondered how one could chuckle at a Red Pill blog, and now I have my answer.

  13. SunshineMAry? Who has nothing to do with RPW’s sub? She doesn’t even blog anymore. Aren’t you tired of blogging about ONE POST FROM A YEAR AGO already?
    RPW is NOT feminists. There is no way in hell you have read or followed any of our sub’s activity if you think we are feminists in disguise. Your ignorance is hilarious and pathetic all at the same time. Congrats.

  14. “SunshineMAry? Who has nothing to do with RPW’s sub? She doesn’t even blog anymore”.

    Au contraire, Britney.

    Women never shut up, didn’t ya know?

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