This is What Submission Looks Like

Commenter and former blogger, CL, has made this photo her new profile image.


It is absolutely stunning and in no words captures what I believe a lot of my blog followers see submission as being. It amounts to vulnerability and trust. There is nothing forceful or doormatish about it. You could say it does not boast and is not self-seeking. It always trusts, always protects, and always perseveres. Submission is love.


  1. I don’t see how it ‘lacks innocence’ exactly. What do you mean by that? We are all imperfect and fallen, so if there is an element here of that, I’m not sure why it’s a problem. Care to explain this?

    I think some are expecting too much out of a single depiction, honestly. There’s something some don’t like, so they have to trash the whole thing. Go ahead and do that, but surely there is something to be said for one simple moment. Maybe that is all it is. I certainly don’t expect everyone to like it – if it is ‘too modern’ for some tastes that’s a fair enough criticism for me.

  2. @lgr
    “Does our speech fall short? Speech being just another art form. There needs to be more PC images of biblical submission available, so we don’t have to refer to these sorts of photos.”
    Sure our speech falls short. But the bible told us to encourage and exhort each other with His word. Words are a requirement… pictures.. not so much. Though they may be helpful, they are not a requirement.

    Maybe you and whomever didn’t see the BDSMness in this pic. Maybe it really did bring you joy and better understanding in submission…great. But for others, who saw the BDSM pic for what it actually was… it may have caused a stumbling block. There are enough misconceptions about biblical submission as it is. We are constantly having to defend ourselves against feminist who believe that we are advocating abuse… why continue defending this picture as though it were an absolute, knowing now it’s origins? If eating meat offends my brother.. then I don’t eat meat..

  3. Why would it cause a stumbling block if they are secure in their view of submission?
    If there are so many misconceptions, all the more reason to have an image that captures in simple preschool terms the meaning of a concept as a teaching tool. Like I said, I am all for something that is totally conservative, but it can’t be found. It comes down to a certain look and embrace that captures a submitting heart.
    I didn’t know we are suppose to cave on something just cause it offends someone else.

  4. I didn’t know we are suppose to cave on something just cause it offends someone else.

    Indeed. The mere mention of Christ offends quite a few people; should we stop talking about Him too?

  5. What if they aren’t “secure” in their view? What if they are just trying to figure this stuff out and your bondage image is making them assume that that is what submission is? Everyone’s obviously not taking this in as the “beautiful submission” that you see it. There are submitting hearts out that that see this pic for what it is-bondage. The word says to hold fast to the truth but not to cause a stumbling block for others. This pic isn’t absolute truth…. and may cause a stumbing block.
    FYI- Jesus “caved.”

  6. Bondage? What are you talking about? Isn’t marriage a form of bondage? Isn’t submission to Christ also bondage? (Think of the root of the word, not the perverted connotations it has these days). Christ says to take up His yoke; what is that if not bondage? Are we not in some form willing slaves to Him in order to do His Will?

  7. “Indeed. The mere mention of Christ offends quite a few people; should we stop talking about Him too?”

    But take care that this right of yours does not somehow become a stumbling block to the weak. For if anyone sees you who have knowledge eating in an idol’s temple, will he not be encouraged,d if his conscience is weak, to eat food offered to idols? And so by your knowledge this weak person is destroyed, the brother for whom Christ died. Thus, sinning against your brothers and wounding their conscience when it is weak, you sin against Christ. Therefore, if food makes my brother stumble, I will never eat meat, lest I make my brother stumble -1 Corinthians 8

    For though I am free from all, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win more of them. To the Jews I became as a Jew, in order to win Jews. To those under the law I became as one under the law (though not being myself under the law) that I might win those under the law. – 1 Corinthians 9
    ….Uh oh. Should we deny Christ or deny His word? That is a false dilema.

  8. Oh. cool. so really… any sexual slave porn picture would really do. We are indeed slaves to Christ. So we are slaves to our husbands…. thats what you wanna bring to the table? Thats the defense that you have ? Sorry…in that case, this pic FULLY depicts YOUR view of submission…. NOT to be confused with BIBLICAL submission.

  9. Teach me about Jesus caving, I am interested.
    Just saw this.
    Jesus was 100 percent right all the time… yet allowed Himself to be treated like he was a Wrong man (even by God) for the sake of the Cross. #Jesus caved and He’s no chump.

  10. @BryAna
    Should Christians not challenge others to think? Should we let society and Christianity be governed by those with the shallowest understanding?

    So if Christians are willing slaves to Christ, how can women claim that there is no aspect this in marriage? Ephesians 5:22 “Wives, be subject to your husbands, as to the Lord.” Where in the Bible does it show my understanding to be anti-Biblical? A wife belongs to the husband and a husband cares and treasures his most valuable possession. Of course if a woman does not want to be valued and treasured she can remain a free agent, but it is dishonest of her to maintain her free agency in marriage and claim she has the higher moral understanding based on her feelings which she cannot support with logical argument or other that a contrived and shallow reading of the scriptures.

    Are Christians now to take instruction from young women that have never experience marriage or motherhood? I said earlier that it is for the older women that have experience to instruct the younger women. Obviously this too fails if the older women have drunk the Kool-Aid of feminism and are churchian, christo-femDOM, sexually refusing, feigned moral superior women.

  11. Thats a good question..
    Not speaking in absolutes here… just what I would say to a brand new Christian….. or really anybody. Heck, I said it to a room full of older christians , last night.
    Basic Christianity should be all of us submitting and serving each other… not demanding our own rights… even when we are indeed right. Christ is the center of EVERYTHING and the reason that we live is to glorify him.
    I go in to buy a shirt and the sales clerk is rude to me. I have a right to be mad and tell her off. BUT… I was rude to Christ and He had mercy with me.. so I have “mercy” on her.
    Someone cuts me off in traffic causing me to spill my coffee on my new seats…. what I really wanna do is role down my windo and curse them out…… but really I have done worse things to Christ and he has dealt with me kindly… so I suck it up, and be kind.
    Both parties in marraige should already be practicing this… simply as Christians. So when the wife submits to her husband, its a God glorifying thing… she desires to move away… he says it’s too expensive…so she “dies to her own desires” and sucks it up. It’s a pattern… the gospel.. the gospel.. the gospel.
    You cannot speak on biblical submission without pointing to the cross. Submission is NOT a new law that I have to keep to be right with Christ. There are many submissive wives in other parts of the world that do NOT have Christ. I am right with Christ… therefore, I submit. It’s not about squinting my eyes and hoping that I can do a better job at submitting, or being kind, or loving… all of those are dead ends. Christ MUST be at the center. He died.. so I die… He was kind.. so I am kind.. He submitted to His Fathers will.. therefore, I submit to the bretheren and to my husband.

  12. @7man
    I agree with the word.. disagree with the pic. Not sure how much more clear I can make that. THE PIC IS NOT THE BIBLE! We have even learned that in it’s origins. So when I say that I see it promoting abuse… it was actually meant to be depicted that way… therefore… it is indeed unbiblical.
    Make your point with the older women teaching younger, already.

    I said before that I agree… and incase there are any questions… I fully stand with the Word of GOD. I know manyyyy amazing older women who practice submission with their husbands and teach me and other women to do so without the use of some artsy fartsy photo.

  13. The Bible is all true but does not contain all truth. It is not possible for it to contain all truth. Notice that 7man said ‘anti-Biblical’, not ‘unbiblical’. The beautiful religious music I am listening to right now (Hildegard von Bingen, Canticles of Ecstasy) is also not in the Bible; so should I stop listening to it?

  14. Getting back to the Adam and Eve images, I am curious to explore that more. Are they a better representation of submission or still useless because it puts the concept in material form?

  15. @BryAna
    That picture does not promote abuse. It shows a man caring for a woman and accepting her as she is. I tire of how women claim abuse at every turn. How is your attitude working for you in your quest to find a husband?

    Remember your feelings and beliefs are not the Bible either so by your own logic, your thoughts are unbiblical. Origins do not equate with error. satan believes that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior. Does that mean that Christians must disagree? Think before you write shallow statements, as you did above.

  16. Shallow responses, aye? Keep grasping for whatever you can get your hands on and asking extreme ridiculous questions about the bible to promote your pic. “Can I walk backwards? Thats not in the bible. ” Continue treating me like I’m another hellbent feminist claiming abuse. Your equating hating the picture to be the same as promoting feminism.
    “Remember your feelings and beliefs are not the Bible either so by your own logic, your thoughts are unbiblical. ”
    I said that the picture is not the bible…. meaning… it is up for debate… unlike something that would be clearcut as scripture.
    I am on no quest for a husband… but a quest for Christ. My attitude respects the bretheren and is one that lays down my life for them. See above…. the post about CHRIST.
    “Origins do not equate with error. satan believes that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior. Does that mean that Christians must disagree? ”
    In this case, Satan is the origin? Thats a false dilemma. The picture is by an artist that promotes BDSM… okay no big deal…. but you are trying to defend it as though it weren’t BDSM. If it looks like a duck….

    I would likewise suggest that you think… and even maybe reread and consider before you write shallow statements as above. As far as I can see, your statements have had no scriptural challenges… therefore they are complete vanity.

    From looking at y’alls (CL&7man) blog and comments… I find it hard to say that I serve that same God that you both do. Your theology seems to be based on strong opinions with a little bit of “Jesus” sprinkled on top. I doubt that we would fully agree on any subject, as you seem to serve another god.
    Let the hate begin.

  17. @BryAna
    I see how it is easier to say I serve a different god than to consider that you might be wrong.

    Take care that your calumny does not somehow become a stumbling block to the weak, who may not agree with your opinion of the roles of men and women in marriage. They may not give adaquate consideration to your non-experience.

  18. LOL! basically… don’t do everything you are doing? Got it.
    If I’m wrong show me by the Word of God… something you have not shown me any of.
    I decided that you serve a different god based on the blog that you have… and it’s lack of scripture support. Go ahead and tell me of your experiences in submission and being needy for men…being as that is the thing that I so greatly lack, here. Show me how you have humbled yourself in submission. Based on what you say above, you cannot.. because you haven’t this experience.
    Before you make your next response, you may want to examine yourself to see if you are what you are accusing me of being and take both your inexperience and lack of scripture support elsewhere.

  19. Svar & Searching – “It’s a BDSM pic!… Only thing missing is the whips and chains!… I knew as soon as I saw that picture that it was a BDSM pic”

    It’s not a BDSM pic. It’s definitely D/S, dominance & submission, but there are no physical restraints (like you said, no whips and chains are evident), no implications of giving or receiving pain, so the pic is not full of, uh, BM.

  20. In the colour version of the pic (thanks freejinger) it is clear that he is on his toes, which is hardly a power position for a man, and the picture is called “Consolation”. So, the D/s dynamic is there, symbolised by the naked woman clothed man, he is in a sense serving her, and she is drawing strength from him in submission. Seems pretty clear to me.

    FWIW I looked up the photographer and all I saw on her website was over-stylised fashion type photography but with nudes that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. A bit try-hard over all.

  21. Oh thanks for the correct NightShyRadio. I’m apparently not as well versed in BDSM as you are. My bad.

    I just find it humorous that apparently liking this photo is a matter of doctrine. I’m personally neutral towards this pic, but I find the defensiveness towards it to be amusing. It’s just a pic. Come down, no need to be all menstrual over it. This picture isn’t an important part of doctrine, let alone Roman Catholic doctrine.

  22. Some women are submissive in the bedroom, but rule with an iron fist at work. Same goes for men. Some men and women enjoy switching roles.. Life is not all black and white.

  23. My my my! Such hysterics over a simply picture. I’ve not been able to make it thru all of the comments but from what I have been able to get thru I am surprised at how some have freaked out over this picture. Did it come from a BDSM shoot? Maybe. I’ll grant that it did, but this picture shows nothing of it.
    What I do see is a naked woman. Nakedness implies vulnerability, esp when in the presence of others who are clothed. It also implies truthfulness, as in there is nothing to hide, so no need for the clothes. It also of course implies intimacy. The man, who is fully, and well, dressed is embracing her in what would appear to be a very loving embrace. The look on his face is of a man who cares, maybe one who is concerned. Of course, we cannot see her expression, but the embrace implies her trust in him, as well as her nakedness implying the same thing. Her posture is of one who collapsed into him. There really isn’t any other way to reach that angle with him being essentially straight up. How would we interpret that? Her desire for intimacy with him? Or perhaps a gratefulness or thankfulness? Were this a clothed woman and he an image of Christ we might call it worship.

    I see this as a beautiful picture. Not shameful, not harmful, not degrading. At all.

  24. DMM,
    Good to see you and thanks for the great comment. A fun discussion it was! You will see in one of my comments I posted a religious painting that I think depicts just what you were saying about were it a clothed woman.

  25. Thanks Laura I should stop by more often

    But on to more pressing matters. I did some google research and I am shocked, SHOCKED!, to see that in just about every picture or painting of a woman and Jesus she is either grovelling at his feet, or is on her knees. Both of these are well known BDSM postures. I even found a famous painting of a hardly clothed woman kneeling before a barely clothed Jesus! This Peter Paul Reubens most have been the pornographer of his day
    Warning, there is even an exposed breast!

    And here is one grovelling at His feet

    But more seriously, I see the picture you posted originally to be most akin to this one:

  26. I like the picture,

    I think it affects people on a visceral level as CL mentioned near the beginning of the thread. People who have been taught to be afraid of their own sexuality to the point where they will never be able to open up enough to properly experience the bonding power with anyone, including their spouse.

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