Don’t Hate me Because I’m Smart!!

I finally have come to terms as to why I’ve received so many negative, nasty hateful comments over the years, its because I am smart! :-) Women are just jealous that they can’t do insightful, diligent research into the history of feminism. The best they can muster is talking about themselves and doing personal, diary style blogs. They wish they could be as smart as me, but they just don’t have what it takes.  These women all have nasty hearts, its sad really.
They are all intimidated by a smart women. I guess I must have known all along that if I posted my photo, I would get extra hate, because I am beautiful too–and we all know how much women really hate beauty and brains. Its always been so hard for me. In middle school. I was teased cause I always had my nose in college textbooks. The boys didn’t like me because I wasn’t “giddy” enough and could not dumb myself down enough to talk like the other girls do….”like, omg, like this one time…like omg” No one would take me seriously, so now I finally have a platform to have intellectual debate and many finally appreciate my smarts, but some women with nasty hearts will always be jealous that they can’t be as smart as me.

We are all Agents of the Serpent

Great article to read here. Sections are pasted in here for brevity, but please do read the entire article.

Far too much emphasis is placed on the fact that Eve sinned first; two equal and opposite heresies have resulted from this focus. The first is that women are the inherently sinful sex, temptresses who lead men astray and are in need of strict moral guidance. The other states that the Bible is inherently misogynistic and fearful of women; that it is a collection of complaints from broken-down old men, who want to blame women for their own shortcomings. Neither of these two statements are borne out by the text itself.

A few years ago I totally believed this–woman took the fruit, she caused the Fall, and therefore everything going forward is the woman’s fault! When you run from one extreme to the next, that is what happens.

By eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge – by embracing sapience – an enmity has been placed between man and woman that exists nowhere else in the animal kingdom. Nowhere else do you see the sexes actively conspiring to make themselvesmiserable! For all the ease and comfort that the female of our species enjoys, hers is a life of pain and sorrow, ever seeking after drama. Her happiness lies in submission to a dominant man, but her need for drama drives her to destroy male dominance. As for us men, we are cursed to work. We feel an incessant drive to achieve and accomplish. Our happiness lies in work and leadership, and yet the world itself conspires to exhaust us, to erode our accomplishments and beat us down until we become like Adam, desperately trying to keep his wife happy by doing the very thing that will make her miserable.

The serpent started the battle of the sexes, but he did not take sides. He empoweredEve in the same way that Feminism empowers women today; it hands them the tools to destroy their marriages and erode their fertility. But neither the serpent nor the Feminist could achieve this without male collaboration. Neither has the ability to bring anything into creation, in and of themselves; all they can do is twist the truth and steal resources from others. They rely upon man to be too weak, thirsty, or lazy to point out the truth, and most of the time he is.

Yes, there is a sinister force behind this all and its not men or women. It is the invisible hand, Satan, that causes us to blame and feed off each other. Weak or lazy men help enable bad behavior in women. When they give into every whim, they allow her to dominate. As Henry Makow said here,But men are also to blame. We have accepted the feminist lie that women should be independent and pursue careers. We have abandoned the many gentle and loving women who instinctively want to build their lives around a man. We have pursued the busy, neurotic, overachievers who guarantee us heartbreak, divorce and broken family.”  Women may thirst for drama and destruction, but if men didn’t provide the water, play into and encourage bad behavior, then the thirst would die out. Like its always said, “don’t feed the trolls”, but a lot of men can’t help but to feed into woman’s behavior rather than flat out ignore and don’t give it a source to pull from.

I’ve written a lot on anti-suffrage issues (just search the term on blog) and often you will see arguments that women should have never got the vote, that it was all feminism’s fault, but yet it was men in congress that eventually gave the right. At the end of the day, the decision was in their hands (they had the final word), not women. Women led the charge and men finished it.

To frame this as an attack on masculinity misses the point; this is just as much of an attack on femininity. The serpent doesn’t have a preference of either sex, it merely wants to blaspheme Truth, Beauty, and God’s creation, and Feminists – disciples of this serpent – seek out the same thing, whether they know it or not. By destroying the differences between the sexes, they destroy the dance of life; by diluting the two sides of the Tao they align their flag with the forces of entropy.

It is up to both men and women to fight on the side of Truth and Love, but each must fight in their own way, in accordance to their own nature. That means that we – the men who fight for all that is Good and Holy – must be the ones taking up the mantle of leadership.

Both the pain and the glory of masculinity is ours, and ours alone.

This is where I stand now— both men and women need to do their part and both have to admit they share some blame for allowing themselves to be agents of the serpent.  There is a school of thought out there that men can’t lead until women submit. That women have to “let” men lead, before they can lead. These are weak and lazy excuses for not claiming their right as men, as leaders. Women can femdom a man because he makes it easy for her, basically he hands her the key to his castle by refusing to lead until she first does something first (which ironically makes her the leader).

In Support of “Child of Ra” (alternate title: “What if the wife is the one begging for sex?”)

Very little these days moves or surprises me like it use to. It is one reason why I am not frequently writing. I have said a lot, probably too much over the years, but I could not have wished for a better example of how nutty parts of the manosphere has become.

Over at Deep Strength’s, “Child of Ra” mentioned just a one sentence comment about a friend who kept herself in good shape, was pleasing in the bedroom, but still her husband cheated. Even with such little detail, it sounds like she did everything the red pill women would advise, but still he cheated. Deep Strength said ultimately it is the friend’s fault because she didn’t vet her husband well enough and suss out that he was a “player”. She made a poor commitment choice and now has to take responsibility for it. Basically, suck it up!

I can relate to Ra’s story because I shared something similar in this post.

In response, Ra left this comment, which is a sound question:

ChildofRa says:

When we meet people we all put on a mask when courting/dating. Majority of people dont show their true colors until they have been dating for more than a year or they have been married. Vetting a potential spouse is a good idea but how many people both men and women will actually revel their trueselves?

This is a question I have wondered too as I have seen various comment threads, but I knew if I asked it I would get treated in the same manner as Ra.  When we date, we market ourselves, we do put on our best front. Once commitment is secured both men and women let themselves go or are so incredibly comfortable knowing this person “vowed” to stay with them forever, they then become their true selves. In this case maybe its the “player” self. Maybe he thinks, “hey she promised she would never leave me, what do I have to lose”. As romantic as vows are, they can also breed complacency of ones responsibilities to maintain a solid, thriving marriage. I no doubt imagine a lot of women think they can just get fat and he won’t leave. She thinks, “after all he did make a vow and if tries to leave me because of my weight well then I’ll just take him for all he is worth”!  The manosphere should know this well. How women will put on that mask, cause she is getting to 30, wants babies and her time is running out. She puts on a good show for a man, then once she has her babies, the nagging, bitch comes out. How is a man suppose to know with all the vetting in the world that this would happen?

Ra then asks this:

ChildofRa says:

What if the wife is the one begging for sex?

And this is where the men lose it. Again, another innocent question, but the manosphere is so convinced this can NEVER happen, she gets a response like this:

KingProphetPriest says:

What if the wife is the one begging for sex?

You know, I started typing up an answer to this but then realized that ChildofRa’s responses are just distractions, not real questions. She hasn’t addressed the position that DS put out there, just more hamstering.

Sorry, not going to waste my time.

To ask such a question is just so silly, in that it can never happen, clearly its just a distraction and not even worth a response. No doubt any woman who claims to be going through that will be called a liar. Men want sex ALL the time!!! That is the message drilled into everyone, even the enlightened red pillers who are suppose to be awoken to truth.

Then this:

fuzziewuzziebear says:

That ChildofRa would seek to divert the argument on this point is telling. That 66% of women would rather read a book thatn have sex is not generally accepted by men. I guess if I were a woman, I wouldn’t want it out that two thirds of them are sexually numb. It does make the product a tough sell.

So, by Ra bringing up the question “what if the wife is the one begging for sex”, they think this is all some grand scheme to distract men from the real issue at hand–frigid wives–because of course frigid men never, ever exist.

To date, the thread ends with Ra saying:

ChildofRa says:

Its not a distraction, i am asking a serious question. What if the female is the one begging for sex?

I’m sorry if you think that I am trying to distract you but everything that I ask or say about marriage and sex in marriage comes from watching documentaries or from what my friends who are married tell me. I am not married nor have I engaged in any sexual activity so I am sooo freaking sorry that I am asking questions which you refused to want to answer for whatever reason or assume because I am female that I am trying to distract you poor men from the real teuth and sinful behavior of women. I am soo fucking sorry

Ra Ra! Chid of Ra! Good for You!  In key with this post, where I mention men really don’t want the submissive, young virgin woman eager to learn, this is a perfect example. Think of it–Ra–24 year old virgin, a beautiful rarity in this culture, and something the men online all pine for and this is how she gets treated.

Child of Ra, you have my full support.

Now, if anyone would like to take her questions seriously, the floor is yours.





If someone sticks out a limb to trip someone, creates a stumbling block, who is at fault?  Instinct says the person who stuck out their limb is at fault and I largely agree with this. Whether consciously or subconsciously they create a stumbling block for someone, that have responsibility. How much? That is up for debate. I can see an argument that the person who tripped bares some responsibility as well because they weren’t watching where they are going.  If one is deceived or conned, who is at fault? The deceiver/con person or the person fooled? The deceiver shouldn’t be up to such trickery, but then again the one deceived should not be so easily fooled, should exercise more common sense, be less naive. Again, I can see an argument on both sides.

I bring this up because the concept of a stumbling block is fairly well known among Christians, but doesn’t always seem understood. Yes, people are responsible for their own sin, but also sometimes people can help lead or pave the way to make that sin more possible.  Modesty proponents get this. They see that women share some responsibility in preventing lust in men. So, they take measures in how they dress to not create a stumbling block. I think they get that at the end of the day, the man is still responsible for his sin, but out of respect they help make his walk a little easier, with less to trip him up.

Unassuming Women

A few quotes stuck out from this 2001 article on femininity from Henry Makow:

“A feminine woman has the effect of a sunrise on a man’s soul.” In the words of novelist Alex Waugh, she draws a man “into a magic circle where everything is fresher, cleaner; where there is peace, warmth, comfort. She produces in him the desire to be his best.”

While this is a lovely quote, it should be clear that she alone does not produce in him the desire to be the best. A man’s desire to be his best should come from himself and a woman can supplement and encourage his best, but she doesn’t produce or create it from nothing. A man should not wait around to be his best until a woman lets him be his best.

“But men are also to blame. We have accepted the feminist lie that women should be independent and pursue careers. We have abandoned the many gentle and loving women who instinctively want to build their lives around a man. We have pursued the busy, neurotic, overachievers who guarantee us heartbreak, divorce and broken family.”

This part is what caught my eye as it is refreshing to see those that lay at least some blame (not all or not even half) to men for all the confusion amongst the sexes. There is always chatter about how women pursue the bad boys and ignore the good ones. Well, from my experience in high school and college, the men were always going after the “busy, neurotic ones.”, the seductive, sexually oozing sirens,  all the while the more modest and quiet girls are ignored (and no this doesn’t mean the quiet girls were ugly, it means they weren’t shoving their boobs in men’s face).  So, it cuts both ways. Men say they want one thing–the virginal, submissive, modest wife but then can’t help to fall for the sexually aggressive woman (as mentioned here).

“A feminine woman is modest. She wants a man to pay attention to “her” so she doesn’t flaunt her sexuality. “

Flaunting sexuality is indeed a last resort and sometimes the only resort left to women these days if she wants a men. Since inner beauty is not so much “in your face”, it makes sense that the extremely beautiful, sexually aggressive women stick out more to men. The squeaky wheel has the best chance to get the oil.

“It’s time we embraced the quiet, unassuming beautiful women who want to be our help mates.”
 Unassuming is a great word.
 UNASSU’MING, adjective Not assuming; not bold or forward; not making lofty pretensions; not arrogant; modest; as an unassuming youth; unassumingmanners.
I am reminded of a favorite quote, “The name of woman will ever be glorious so long as it is synonymous with beauty, tenderness, sweetness, devotion, all the sacred troop of virtues. It will be glorious, thanks to the Lucretias, the Penelopes, the Cornelias, ancient and modern, the devoted daughters, the loving wives, the adorable mothers, to the thousands of obscure heroines, who remind us, in the words of the great poet of antiquity, that the best women have been those whom the world has heard least of.”


Watch What They Do, Not What They Say

Cane Caldo brings up again the saying in relation to women, “watch what they do, not what they say”. This begs the question–how then can we determine from online writing alone what a woman is really like? How can we tell if she puts her words in action, that she is actually good, godly wife? Anyone can write a good story about themselves, embellish facts, stretch the truth, etc,, to make them look good, especially amongst an audience of men.

“Subtle Tricks” will Build You a Better Man (or how to “easily ride into a comfortable life”)

A reoccuring theme lately in the ‘sphere seems to be the idea that a woman makes the man. Without her, he is nothing. It is one thing to encourage and support your man, but at the end of the day he has to have the own will power, motivation and ambition to achieve what he wants, if anything, as some men are content not climbing the ladder.

Take this comment by Boxer for example (From Dalrock’s post “The problem isn’t knowledge but attitude”):

“There are several excellent articles on Dalrock, aimed at women who want to make their men into more effective husbands and fathers. These are subtle tricks that women used to pass on to their daughters and grand-daughters — but this worldly feminine wisdom has been largely lost thanks to feminism.
Old school women who knew the score were able to get their husbands to accomplish really great things, and these same women could easily ride to a very comfortable life as a result.”

Are “subtle tricks” really better than feminism? These are the feminine wiles I have spoken of before. Yes, the days were much better when traditional woman could trick their men into being better betas, forcing him to be me more of what SHE wants. This post on “Moral Dominance” talks exactly about these “subtle tricks” and how they are used to snare a man and then it follows that more tricks are put into play to secure the comfortable life.

It is women who get men to accomplish really great things. Where on earth would men be today, without women! Men can’t possibly do or figure out anything on their own (or so the narrative seems to go). What is the underlying motivation for a woman to use “subtle tricks” to build a better beta—-well, a life of ease of course! To “easily ride into a very comfortable life”. Talk about a worldly goal. Materialism and ease is what some women really want and in order to get that they have to “make” their men into better men. They can’t be content with who he is, with what they married. If one woman’s man has not achieved a higher career position or some status position, she is shamed for not making him “better”. The power is solely in her hands. If a man fails or stays stagnant, its solely the woman’s fault (she just didn’t do something “enough”). A man’s success is determined by how “hot” or “sweet” his wife is and not by his actual efforts. The quote “behind every great man, there is a great woman” is a feminist slogan that from what I infer was used to suggest “women aren’t getting credit for anything and lets not let people forget that its a woman who makes a man.” is a Its a brave new world out there.

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For more on feminine wiles, search this blog.

You Don’t Have to be Beautiful to Live Happily Ever After

In recently watching Shrek 2 again, some 10 years later, a powerful message emerged—that to live happily ever after you don’t need a lot of the fixings and trimming society makes you think you need or rather what the red pill princess’ think you need. As you will see from the lyrics and clip below, the fairy godmother can’t even fathom the possibility that happily ever after can exist unless you are beautiful, have tons of beautiful things and a beautiful man, more commonly known as Prince Charming.


Your fallen tears have called to me
so here comes my sweet remedy
I know what every princess needs
for her to live life, happily…

With just a wave of my magic wand
your troubles will soon be gone
with a flick of the wrist
in just a flash
you’ll land a prince with a ton of cash
a high priced dress made by mice, no less
crystal glass pumps and no more stress
Your worries will vanish
Your soul will cleanse
confide in your very own furniture friends
we’ll help you start a new fashion trend!

I’ll make you fancy
I’ll make you great
the kind of gal the prince would date
they’ll write your name on the bathroom wall
“For a happy ever after, give Fiona a call!”

A sporty new carriage to ride in style
Sexy man, my chauffer Kyle!
I’ll vanish your blemishes,
tooth decay,
cellulite thighs will fade a way
And oh, what the hey!
Have a bichon frisee!

Nip and tuck, here and there
to land the prince with the perfect hair,
Lipstick, liners, shadow, blush!
To get that prince with a sexy tush!
Lucky day! A bouquet!
You and the prince take a roll in the hay!
You can swoon on the moon
with the prince
to this tune!
Don’t be drab, you’ll be fab!
Your prince will have rock hard abs!
Cheese soufflee!
Have a nice day!
Have some chicken fricosseu

Fiona: “Stop! Thank you, very much, Fairy Godmother, but I’m afraid that I don’t need all this!”
All: (Astonished murmuring)
Dresser: “Fine. Be that way.”

This is how the red pill princesses come across. They present themselves as knowing what every woman needs to live happily ever after and are shocked when they learn that some have beautiful lives without all those trappings.

They offer some sort of snake oil, magic potion, or wave of a magic want to fix all of a woman’s trouble. Its just that easy! They will make you great, the kind of man a prince (alpha) would date! A focus is put on outward beauty, having perfect skin and perfect make-up, because of course no man could ever love you with a pimple or make-up free. Of course I have to say as a disclaimer, I am for make-up and taking care of your looks, but not to the obsessive levels some seem to take it that screams vanity.

The funny thing is Shrek and Princess Fiona didn’t have any troubles. They were happy in their own ogre skin and living in their swamp (as opposed to the UMC or castle life), but its everyone else who thought they needed “fixed”. They weren’t outwardly beautiful, so they couldn’t be happy and therefore needed fixed. They bucked the theme of all fairy tales, that you have to be beautiful to live happily ever after.